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Knowing the Way and Trying to Get There

Dr. Eugene White, Superintendent of the Indianapolis Public Schools explores the concept: In the field of public education is knowing what to do enough and how the status quo is preventing school from doing better.  The text of his keynote address to the NAYRE February, 2007 conference can be viewed here:

Dr Eugene White


The Promise of Extended-Time Schools for

Closing the Achievement Gap

Jennifer Davis, Co-Founder and President of Massachusetts 2020 details the research concerning extended day and extended year schools in her address to the 37th annual NAYRE conference on Feb. 27-28 in San Diego, CA. The text of her remarks can be viewed here:

Jennifer Davis


Using the Power of Time:  A Challenge to Public Education

Kelly Henson, Superintendent of Floyd County (GA) Schools says time is the most essential element for success in all of man's endeavors - especially education. The text of his remarks can be viewed here:

Kelly Henson


Year-Round Learning Futures

Creating Personalized Learning Systems

Dr. Don Glines, director of the Educational Futures Projects discusses the need for personalized systems for the present and future in a year-round learning environment.

Don Glines

From Good to Great

Dr. John Hodge Jones explores a commitment to using time differently in his keynote address to the 2005 NAYRE annual conference. The text of his remarks can be viewed here:

John Hodge Jones