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Expanding Learning Time in High Schools

This new report examines high schools that have implemented an extended learning day as part of the required educational program for all students, rather than just providing voluntary after-school programs. It explores particular issues related to expanding time at the high school level, presents examples of how schools accomplish this, and analyzes the implications that would arise for school design, capacity, and financing if these approaches were applied on a more systemic scale.

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Center for American Progress

Getting Smarter, Becoming Fairer:

A Progressive Education Agenda for a Stronger Nation

The Institute for America's Future and the Center for American Progress have introduced a new education reform agenda entitled Getting Smarter, Becoming Fairer: A Progressive Education Agenda for a Stronger Nation. The report calls for more time on learning including the reorganization of school calendars as well as extending the school year. The strategy was developed by a task force co-chaired by Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and is the product of investigations, studies and forums conducted during 2004.

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Center for American Progress

Institute for America's Future

Time for a Change:

The Promise of Extended-Time Schools for Promoting Student Achievement

Time for A Change: The Promise of Extended-Time Schools for Promoting Student Achievement analyzes the effective practices of eight public schools which feature at least fifteen percent more time than the conventional schedule. Massachusetts 2020 will present at the 37th Annual NAYRE conference in San Diego, Feb. 25-March 1 - see details of conference below.

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Massachusetts 2020 Website

Jennifer Davis Speech at NAYRE Conference

Time Out

Time Is a Resource that Schools Haven't Figured Out How To Use Wisely

As one of ten essays dedicated to improving schools, Edutopia Magazine takes a look at time and reorganizing resources. "Learning in America is a prisoner of time. For the past 150 years, American public schools have held time constant and let learning vary," the essay begins. "The rule, only rarely voiced, is simple: Learn what you can in the time we make available. It should surprise no one that some bright, hard-working students do reasonably well. Everyone else—from the typical student to the dropout—runs into trouble.

Edutopia is the official magazine of the George Lucas Education Foundation. To read the entire essay and visit the foundation website, click on the links below:

Edutopia Essay - "Time Out"

Lucas Educational Foundation

New York City - Citizen's Budget Commission

The Citizens Budget Commission (CBC) of New York City has issued a number of reports and recommendation concerning educational financial reform in New York. Included among its recommendations is implementing a multi-tack balanced calendar.

The Citizen Budget Commission Website

The CBC report Finding Space for a Sound Basic Education - A working paper prepared as support for the CBC report Can New York Get an A in School Finance Reform? The report recommends redistricting and multi-track year-round schools.

The CBC report Can New York Get an A in School Finance Reform - A comprehensive recommendation on how to craft a remedy to financial issues facing New York Schools