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Conference Presentations

Copies of presentations from the  Feb. 11-13 NAYRE Conference held in San Diego, CA on restructuring time are now available for downloading. A list of the topics appear below.


Background:  Year-Round Education, Balanced and Modified  Calendars - Part 1

PowerPoint presentation by Sam Pepper focusing on summer learning loss, calendar statistics and graphic comparison of balanced and traditional calendars.

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Background:  Year-Round Education, Balanced and Modified  Calendars - Part 2

PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Charles Ballinger focusing on calendar comparisons, length of school year in other countries, intersessions and instructional considerations of calendar modification

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Managing Academic Time to Compete in a Global Economy 

PowerPoint presentation by John Morales of the Yuma, AZ Private Industry Council focusing on education, workforce development and the emergence of developing nations as major players in the new world economy.

 (NOTE: Presentation was built in PowerPoint 2003 and may not play on earlier versions of PowerPoint)

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How Data Drives Instruction and School-Wide Decisions

Adobe PDF presentation by Marie Garza Hammerlund and Dawn Ruff from Sandoval School in Chicago on how this four-track school uses assessment to improve achievement.

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Making Block Scheduling Beneficial in a Four-Track School

PowerPoint presentation by Jim Gniadeck and Dawn Ruff of Sandoval School in Chicago focusing on how  the advantages of block scheduling facilitate the operation a four-track calendar.

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Media 101 - Dealing with Mainstream and the New Social Media

PowerPoint presentation by Sam Pepper suggesting strategies on how to maximize relationships with the  traditional media and how to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the new online media.

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